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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Hiking WV: Audra State Park

It may have snowed Friday, but Saturday was beautiful. We saw a bit of snow, but except for the very sheltered areas, it was gone by the time we headed home.

Location: Audra State Park
Trail: Alum Cave Trail
Distance: 3.3 miles
Elevation: 1674-1820 feet
Temperature: 49-59 F

The only trail is the Alum Cave Trail that runs along the Middle Fork River, but the river is in sight for pretty much the entire hike, so who cares if it’s out and back?

Goodbye snow.


We saw the kayakers unloading. They caught up as we were sitting on a rock listening to the water.


There are many little trails heading off the Alum Cave Trail to take you down to the water.


There are a few deep areas like this, where the river looks calm, but with the river as high as it was, much of it was white water.



It was a lovely day.

3 Responses to “Hiking WV: Audra State Park”

  1. H J Gadiyar Says:

    Beautiful hiking pictures. I enjoy all of them.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Oh! There you are! I hadn’t heard from you in awhile, and was hoping you were okay! Glad to see you’re still around!

  3. H J Gadiyar Says:

    I am still here. For how long – no guarantee.
    I enjoy all your hiking pictures and “stream” videos.
    They are all excellent. Somewhat fills up my void in not being able to do it myself, anymore.

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