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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hiking WV: Tea Creek Wilderness

We hadn’t been back to the Cranberry area but once since last year’s flooding, so it was beyond time we went back.

We now have a new place we need to spend more time hiking.

Location: Tea Creek Wilderness
Trail: Tea Creek Trail (partial)
Distance: 6.4 miles
Elevation: 3579-3022 feet (557 feet)
Temperature: 70-72 F



Remains of the old railbed.




We are definitely coming back here to hike.

The only downside is that the restaurant we usually stopped back coming back from Cranberry was destroyed in the flooding. Any restaurant recommendations in the Richwood area? (Or between Richwood and Summersville?)

2 Responses to “Hiking WV: Tea Creek Wilderness”

  1. H J Gadiyar Says:

    Looks like a peaceful area for hike, meditate.
    Stream and falls are nice, too.

  2. Michelle Says:

    It was lovely. Didn’t see anyone else on the trail while we hiked, the weather was perfect, and the creek was gorgeous.

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