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Monday, August 28, 2006

Hospital Adventures

Just got back from Baltimore. My grandmother is still in this hospital, but will hopefully be discharged tomorrow. She has ulcerative colitis (the name is on a piece of paper in one of the bags I brought home, so I won’t guarantee I have it correct.) Short of it is that her colon is inflamed.

We were all highly amused by the following conversation.

Grandmom: They’re giving me some medicine for the colon.
Dad: Do you remember what it is?
Grandmom: It starts with an “A” I think it’s something like “a-s-s-o”
Everyone: You think your colon medication is called “asso”?!

Mind you, my family is such that we kept closing the door to her room, so we wouldn’t disturb the other patients with our noise and laughing.

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