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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Categorical Books

The world is getting me down, so I’m going to try to write some about a topic that makes me happy: books.

I’m going to break it down by categories, and I will TOTALLY be looking for recommendations, because Amazon’s recommendations are useless (as are goodreads) and most of the book blogs I follow (and book podcasts I listen to) are about new and upcoming books.

I will say that Book Riot’s Get Book Podcast is good for coming across recommendations, but those recommendations are for whatever people have written in to ask for (“Amanda and Jenn discuss alternate history novels, more murder, culturally diverse romance, and more in this week’s episode of Get Booked.”) but often I want a recommendation for the specific genre I’m in the mood for Right Now.

I’ll be adding to this reference post as I go. How many posts will I write? No idea. Until I get bored or run out of categories or just decide to spend the rest of the year under the covers curled up reading.

Historical Mysteries
Categorical Books: PI Mysteries
Categorical Mysteries: Police Procedurals
Categorical Books: Supernatural Mysteries
Categorical Books: Supernatural Fantasy
Categorical Books: Paranormal Romance
Categorical Books: Urban Fantasy
Categorical Books: Fantasy
Categorical Books: Ace Romances

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