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Monday, June 1, 2009

Front Garden

As I mentioned, I’ve been doing some work on the front garden. I have a long bed the runs the front of the deck, part of the bed gets full afternoon sun, the back part gets a little dappled sunlight but is mostly shade.

It’s made the bed hard to fill, but it’s one of the nicest (and flattest) stretches of garden I have.

I just moved the spider wort from the bottom of the hill to the front bed, because the flowers are pretty much wasted at the bottom of the hill where they can barely be seen. In the shade end I also have some astilbe and lily of the valley, unfortunately, the lily of the valley are at the very edge of where the soaker hose reaches, and don’t really thrive. And there aren’t a lot of plants that thrive in high shade low moisture.


Almost half the bed is day lilies. I love day lilies. I love the flowers and I love the greenery and the way they spread and keep out the weeds and grass.


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