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Friday, July 30, 2010

11 Weeks Going Forward

It’s now been 11 weeks since I broke my ankle.

Had another doctor appointment this morning, including more x-rays.

There’s still a visible fracture in the x-ray, however, he wasn’t worried about it as he could see where the bone has been and is being rebuilt. I’ll still have to deal with pain & swelling for the next six to eight months, but that is completely normal. He said it’s also fine more me to keep taking OTC pain killers as needed, which was reassuring. Having never broken anything before, I’ve been having a hard time gauging what is an acceptable level of pain and recover and swelling. I’m glad to hear everything is normal.

We discussed the possibility of taking the hardware out of my ankle, but as that would require another surgery (and I’d be off my feet AGAIN I figure) he said I should be fine with things the way they are, however, if I discover the plate and screws are bothering me, they can be taken out.

I go back to see him the beginning of October, but he is happy with my progress, and so am I.

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