Cranberry Glades and Wilderness



Mill Point Federal Prison (1938-1959)


47,815 acres. Middle Fork of the Williams, North Fork of the Cranberry Rivers.  Elevation is 3,300 to 3,400 feet. Cranberry, Kennison, and Black Mountains. Forest is  red spruce, eastern hemlock, yellow birch, red maple, American beech, sugar maple, black cherry, American basswood, white ash, yellow buckeye, black birch, cucumber tree, Fraser magnolia, and northern red oak,

Cranberry Glades consists of four bogs. The Botanical Area is 750 acres. Plants commonly found at higher latitudes: cranberries, sphagnum moss, skunk cabbage, purple pitcher plant, sundew. Forest of red spruce, eastern hemlock, yellow birch and red maple. A bog or wetland covered peat more than ten feet thick.



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Cranberry Glades & Wilderness

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