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Sunday, March 3, 2013

This Week’s Geek Wear

In addition to some skirts and leggings, I’ve also gotten myself some jewelry.

Here is this week’s geek wear:

Golden Ratio

These are Golden Ratio earrings. (See also fibonacci sequence)

Next up:

Cephalopod Geek Wear

Cephalopod Sweater. This one was problematic, since it ran small in the… tracts of land area of the body.

Last up was this:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

From the bookshelves of doom Etsy shop. I follow the Bookshelves of Doom blog, so I especially enjoyed this one.

I’ve got more lined up, but it was a little to cold this week for shorter skirts and leggings, so those are waiting a bit.

But most importantly, I’m enjoying this, very much.

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