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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Totaly Geeked Out

Several weeks ago, Michael and I learned about the existence of a product that I knew I definitely needed.

So to surprise Michael, I ordered one for each of us. Michael’s was too big, so we had to send it back, but he got the new size this week, and now we’re totally geeked out.


Look! I found our house on the GPS PDA!



Michael wanted to look like the ads in the catalog.



What on earth could that be?!



Yes, that’s right, we got ScottEVest jackets!

The only issue I have is that if I put things in the chest pockets, there’s… ummm… not a surplus of room for my chest. If I leave those pockets empty it fits great, but if I put my cell phone in the cell phone pocket, zipping up the jacket isn’t particularly comfortable.

Is the jacket as awesome as Shawn said it was? Oh yeah! I LOVE my new jacket, and may actually take the sleeves out in the coming weeks, as temperatures here have already risen to the 80s.

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