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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Hexbreaker (2016) Jordan L. Hawk

Tom Halloran is a cop hiding a past that would get him thrown in jail–if not executed. Cicero is a familiar without a witch, and his time to remain in that state with the MWP is growing short, which means he may need to accept any witch or find his way on his own.

This is a M/M romance, and the second book I’ve read set in this world.

Not for me. The characters are pretty good, however, the story and “mystery” (for what it was worth) wandered all over the place and definitely took second (or even third) place to the boinking.

A lot of it just fell flat.

“I’m told the corned beef is good,” Cicero said with a delicate shudder.

Tom settled into the seat across from him. “What, you think I like corned beef just because I’m Irish?”

“Don’t you?”

“Aye,” he admitted. “Still.”

The world is interesting, but the story just didn’t love up to the characters or the ideas of the world.

It was just a letdown.

Publisher: Widdershins Press LLC
Rating: 5/10

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