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Fate’s Edge

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fate’s Edge (2011) Ilona Andrews

Fates-EdgeI like rogues. I can’t help it. I have a terrible weakness for them. Which is odd, when you consider that I probably wouldn’t much care for them in real like. But the ability to be charming while stealing you blind (but only for a good cause!) is book catnip. I just can’t resist.

Keldar has arranged for most of the marriages in his family, while remaining steadfastly single himself. After 2/3rds of his family was killed by the Mirror, Kaldar offered his services to the Mirror, and will happily take any job that will harm the Hand.

Audrey Callahan is the child of grifters, and an accomplished thief and grifter herself. But she’s put that all behind her, and is living straight in the Broken. Doing work for a PI firm. She likes having a home and security, and so the reappearance of any of her family is–to put it mildly–unwelcome.

Unfortunately for her, what they want her to get involved in is going to have nasty repercussions for the Edge and the Weird, and perhaps even the Broken.

I loved spending time with Keldar. He’s just delightful.

My problem with this book is that the romance was somewhat forced, and just felt too fast, especially for Audrey. But I suppose when you only have a single book, you do what you can. Because otherwise, the story was very good.

We got to spent more time with Jack and George, as well as Gaston (from the previous book) and we get a glimpse at how Rose & Declan and Cerise & William are doing.

I actually quite liked the parts with Jack and George. It was good to see how they grew and matured.

So all in all, aside from the romance (which is my least favorite part of this series anyway) the story is fabulous.

This is probably the best cover of the series. Kaldar is fully dressed, and although he’s floating, disembodied, it’s far less disturbing since he isn’t shirtless (or possibly naked).
Rating: 9/10

Published by Ace

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