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Cry Wolf

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cry Wolf (2008) Patricia Briggs

Cry-WolfThis is the first full Alpha & Omega novel, and takes place immediately after the events in the novella. (And by immediately, I mean, the next day.)

Charles’ Brother Wolf has claimed Anna as mate, but as Anna knows very little about being a werewolf, and absolutely nothing about being an Omega werewolf, she has a lot to learn, and unfortunately, they don’t have the time they need to learn it.

Interestingly, this is as much Asil’s story as it as Anna and Charles’ story. And I really like Asil, so I quite liked that part of the story.

IN his hothouse, Asil trimmed dead blooms from his roses. They weren’t as glorious as the ones he’d had in Spain, but they were a vast improvement over the commercially grown flowers he’d started with. His Spanish roses had been the result of centuries of careful breeding. It hadn’t bothered him to leave them at the time, but now he regretted their loss fiercely.

Sarai had often thumped him soundly on the head for looking at other women, though she’d known he’d never stray. Now that she was gone, he seldom even looked. Flirting didn’t make him feel disloyal to his dead mate, but he’d found he missed that thump too badly.

I really like Asil.

We also meet another wolf, who I quite like, and we learn a good deal about Bran’s past (there is a story about Bran’s past in the anthology Shifting Shadows).

I also really like Bran.

Bran didn’t reply, just spun himself slowly, around and around on the little stool in the corner of the room.

He folded his arms and rocked back on his heels. He must have read the obstinate refusal in Charles’s face because he sighed and switched to Welsh.

That’s a pretty good language to switch to, in the midwest, if you don’t want anyone to understand what you’re saying.

As with the novella, this story mentions Anna’s past, where she was tormented by her previous pack. We don’t get particular details, but it’s enough to read between the lines and know that horrible things happened to her.

Just be aware of that before starting this book.

But I do like this book, and this series, and there are events here that you won’t learn about in the Mercy book.
Rating: 8/10

Published by Ace

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