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For Better or Worse

Saturday, August 10, 2019

For Better or Worse (2017) R. Cooper

There are several things that make this story interesting. First, Javier is a gray ace / demisexual. Second, a great deal of the story takes place in the heads of the two men. Thirdly, the problems between the two (specifically their lack of a relationship) is due to the fact that neither is capable of sharing what they think and feel–and for good reasons.

Javi because most people don’t understand what demisexual is, and Jimmy because rumors followed him to town–rumors that he quashed rather violently when he arrived. Because neither is willing to talk to anyone (not just each other) about their feelings, they have to try and figure out what is happening from looks and things only half-said.

The fact that Javi is terrible at picking up romantic cues exacerbates this.

Everything looks like friendly teasing if you don’t know what sexual tension is. I get confused.”

Also, both are firemen for a small town, which makes them even more reluctant to discuss their sexuality and feelings, both because they have to work with each other, and because the town gossips are rather nasty.

A lot of people thought firefighters sat around doing nothing while waiting for calls to come in, the same way everyone in town assumed their taxes paid for the meals at the firehouse. Both were emphatically not true.

There is some boinking in this story, but not much. It’s primarily a story about two people trying to work out how they feel about each other, and struggling to find the words and courage to unburden themselves.

Oh, Javi’s uncle is AWESOME.
Rating: 7/10

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