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A Very Henry Christmas

Sunday, August 2, 2020

A Very Henry Christmas (2017) N.R. Walker (The Weight of It All)

A Very Henry ChristmasThis is a novella / short story set a year or so after the end of The Weight of It All.

It’s just a cute story of Henry throwing an elaborate Christmas Eve party for their friends. Unlike the original story, we do get a peek into Reed’s thoughts (Reed’s POV would not have worked well for the way that story went).

It’s just a cute little happy story.

Reed played perfect host while I prepared the fish. I’d ground down some salt and spices with lemon rind in my mortar and pestle and set about rubbing that into the silvery skin. I faced the fish away from me so its beady little judgemental eyes stared at the wall.

Definitely not for someone who hasn’t read The Weight of It All but a sweet, brief, escape.
Rating: 6/10

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