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Best of Both Worlds

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Best of Both Worlds (2017) N.R. Walker

Best of Both WorldsI had no idea what I was in he mood to read, so I thought I’d go with a novella.

I read a few pages and thought this wasn’t the book I was in the mood for (it opened with trigger warnings for homophobia and violence) but I decided to read another page or two, because I really didn’t know what I wanted to read, and then suddenly I was finished with the story.

Sebastian Gilman has danced with the same guy every Friday night for the past month. They don’t know each others names, but Sebastian wants to get to know the guy with the amazing blue eyes better.

Then the guy shows up on Sebasian’s construction worksite, and everything is weird.

This story is a slow unraveling of Sebastian and Ryland coming to know each other and falling in love as Ryland has to learn how to trust people again.

The only weak part in the story involved Ryland’s mother. Her change seemed very fast. Perhaps it was the events that precipitated the change, but I just wasn’t sure I completely believed it.

Aside from that, I really liked the story, even if it did have bad things happen. There were no stupid misunderstandings, and although Ryland tried to push Sebastian away, his actions were understandable, considering his past.

So, a good story, and what I was actually in the mood to read last night.

Publisher: Blue Heart Press
Rating: 7/10

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