We currently have no cats. Kit died in in the spring of 2015 and His Furriness died in the late winter of 2016. We haven't yet decided if we are going to re-cat our home.

Yes, of course, the cats have their own Flickr collection!

Kat was our first feline. We got him on 1 July 1998. He doesn't particularly like people, but is becoming more friendly as he gets older. He also insists on being in the bathroom when you shower. Kat is also far more photogenic than Kit.

Kit was our second feline. Michael and my mom coerced me into getting her Labor Day weekend in '99. I really did not want another cat, but they kept going on and on about how cute she was, so I finally broke down and agreed. She may be cute, but she sure isn't bright.

Slate was my parents cat who, at 17, decided she was tired of being an outdoor cat and really wanted to be an indoor cat. So she moved in with us. Kit and Kat both hated this, but dealt with it.

Kat on Swing

Some Quotes about Cats Sent to me via e-mail.