Agrimony - protection and restfulness
Aloe - healing, shelter from harm.
Amaranth - heal a broken heart
Angelica, inspiration, Holy Ghost, St. Michael's plant
Anise - youth and good dreams
Anthurium - attraction
Apple blossom - preference, better things to come, good fortune
Arbor vitae - "live for me," unchanging friendship
Arbutus - thee only do I love
Arum - ardor
Asparagus fern - fascination
Asphodel - my regrets follow you to the grave
Aster - symbol of love, daintiness, talisman of love
Aster (china) - fidelity, variety, I will think of thee
Azalea - take care, temperance, fragile, passion, Chinese symbols of womanhood

Baby's breath - innocence, pure of heart festivity
Bachelor button - single blessedness, celibacy
Balm, lemon - sympathy
Balsam - ardent love
Basil (sweet) - good or best wishes, saintliness, love or serious intentions, courtship
Bay - achievement and fame
Bay laurel - protection from evil
Bayberry - good luck
Beebalm - virtue
Begonia - beware, a fanciful nature
Bells of Ireland - good luck
Beramot (Monarda, Bee Balm) - compassion, sweet virtues
Betony (Wooly Betony, Lamb's Ears) - surprise, healing
Bird Of Paradise - strange but wonderful, often given today from a woman to man as a symbol of faithfulness
Bittersweet - truth
Black Bryont/Lady's Seal - be my support
Blue Bell (Wood Hyacinth) - delicacy, kindness
Blue Hyacinths - sport and play
Bluebell/Bell Flower - humility, constancy, gratitude faith
Borage - bluntness, "your intentions only embarrass me,"- bravery and courage
Broom - humility, neatness, ardor, humility
Buckbean - calm repose
Buttercup - childishness, riches

Cactus - endurance, my heart burns with love, warmth
Calendula (pot marigold) - sacred affections, joy, remembrance, grief, sadness, hopelessness
Calla Lily - magnificent beauty
Calycanthus/Carolina Allspice/Sweet Shrub - benevolence
Camellia (pink) - longing
Camellia (red) - you're a flame in my heart
Camellia (white) - adoration, perfection, loveliness
Candytuft - indifference
Canterbury bells/bell flower - gratitude
Cardinal flower/scarlet lobelia - distinction
Carnation (deep red) - alas! For my poor heart
Carnation (general) - fascination, devoted love
Carnation (pink) - I'll never forget you, women's love
Carnation (purple) - capriciousness
Carnation (red) - my heart aches for you, admiration
Carnation (solid color) - yes
Carnation (striped) - no, refusal, sorry i can't be with you, wish I could be with you
Carnation (white) - sweet & lovely, innocence, pure love, woman's good luck gift
Carnation (yellow) - disappointment, rejection
Catchfly (red) - youthful love, I fall victim
Catnip - intoxication with love, good luck and playful love
Cattail - peace, prosperity
Cattleya - mature charms
Cedar - I live but for thee, wealth, power and longevity, think of me
Celandine/Pilewort/Figwort - future joy
Chamomile - wisdom, fortitude, cheerfulness, you're a wonderful friend
Cherry blossom (single) - education
Chervil - sincerity
Chickweed - I cling to thee, attract love and maintain relationships
Chicory - frugality
Chives - usefulness and protection, "why do you weep?"
Christmas rose/Helleborus - relieve my anxiety
Chrysanthemum (general) - abundance & wealth,
Chrysanthemum (red) - love
Chrysanthemum (white) - truth
Chrysanthemum (yellow) - slighted love
Cilantro - hidden feelings, concealed merit
Cinquefoil - beloved child
Clematis - artifice (ingenuity), filial love
Clover - luck, prosperity and health
Clover (four-leaf) - be mine
Clover (red) - industry
Clover (white) - think of me
Colchicum (meadow saffron) - my best days fled
Coltsfoot - peace and tranquility
Columbine (purple) - resolved to win
Columbine (red) - anxious
Comfrey - knitting or working together, safety for travelers
Compass Flower - faith
Convolvus Minor/Bindweed - uncertainty
Coral rose - you are desirable
Corchorus - impatience of happiness
Coreopsios - always cheerful
Coriander, concealed merit
Cornflower - delicacy, refinement,
Coronilla/Crown Vetch - success to you
Cowslip - rusticity, winning grace, healing, youth, pensiveness
Coxcomb - foppery, unfading love
Crocus - cheerfulness, abuse not, gladness
Crown Imperial/Fritillaria - majesty
Customary - sweetness
Cyclamen - resignation and good-bye

Daffodil (yellow ) - regard, unrequited love, sunshine, respect, chivalry, the sun shines when I'm with you
Dahlia - dignity and elegance, forever thine
Dahlia Variegated- I think of you constantly
Daisy - innocence, loyal love, I'll never tell, purity, beauty, purity in thought, I will think about it
Daisy (ox-eye) - patience, wisdom
Daisy (red) - beauty unknown to possessor
Damiana - promote lust
Dandelion - faithfulness, happiness, love's oracle, absurdity, coquetry
Daphane Cneorum/Rose Daphane - I desire to please
Daphane Odora/Winter Daphane - I would not have you otherwise
Dead leaves - sadness
Delphinium - big-hearted, fun
Dill - to lull or soothe, hinders witches of their wills, lust, good cheer, survival in the face of odds and irresistible to your lover
Diosma - your simple elegance charms me
Dog Rose - pleasure and pain
Dogwood (flowering) - am i indifferent to you?
Dracaena/Dragon's Blood/Dragon Lily - inner power, increased potency
Dragon Root/Green Dragon (Arum Draconium) - ardor
Dusty Miller - felicity

Edelweiss/Alpine Cudweed - daring, courage, noble purity
Eglantine/Sweet-Briar/Rosa Eglantaria - poetry, I wound to heal
Elder - misfortune, zealousness and sympathy (good luck to newly weds)
Elderflower - zeal
Endine - frugality
Epigaea Repens/Mayflower/Trailing Arbutus - budding
Eremurus - endurance
Eucalyptus - healing
Eupatorium/hardy ageratum - delay
Euphorbia - persistence
Everlasting - never ceasing memory

False unicorn - uplifting
Fennel - worthy of praise, or flattery grief, power, and endurance
Fern - magic, fascination, confidence, shelter
Fern (maidenhair) - secret bond of love, discretion
Fern (royal) - reverie
Feverfew - preventing accidents and fevers, lowering of fever
Filbert - reconciliation
Fir - time
Flax - domestic symbol
Flora's Bell - without pretension
Flowering Reed - confide in heaven
Forget Me Not - true love, memories do not forget me
Forsythia - anticipation
Foxglove/Fairy Thimbles/Dead Men's Bells - stateliness, youth
Foxtail Grass - Sporting
Fraxinella/Cultivated Dittany/Gas Plant - Fire
Freesia - innocence, trust
Fuchsia (scarlet) - confiding love, taste
Fumitory - hate
Furze - love for all occasions

Gardenia - you're lovely, secret love, purity, refinement, ecstasy
Garlic - courage, strength, get well, ward off evil & illness, strong protection
Gentian (closed) - sweet be thy dreams
Gentian (fringed) - intrinsic worth, I look to heaven, autumn
Geranium (apple) - present preference
Geranium (ivy) - your hand for next dance
Geranium (lemon) - unexpected meeting
Geranium (nutmeg) - I expect a meeting
Geranium (oak-leaved) - true friendship, lady, deign to smile
Geranium (penciled) - ingenuity
Geranium (rose) - preference
Geranium (scarlet) - consolation, melancholy
Geranium (silver-leaf) - recall
Geranium (unscented) - folly
Gerbera daisies - friendship, innocence
Ginger - strength, passion and success
Gladioli - generosity, I'm sincere, flower of the gladiators, strength of character
Globe Amaranth - unfading everlasting love
Gloxinia - love at first sight, a proud spirit
Golden-Rod - be cautious, encouragement, precaution, indecision, "allow me time to decide"
Gooseberry - anticipation
Goosefoot - goodness
Gorse - endearing affection
Grass - homosexual love, submission
Guelder Rose/Snowball - winter

Harebell/Campanula - humility, grief
Hawthorn, emblem of hope
Hazel - fertility
Heather (lavender) - admiration, solitude
Heather (white) - protection, wishes will come true
Heliotrope - devotion eternal love and admiration
Henbane - for males to attract love from females
Hepatica (Anemone Nobilis) - confidence
Hibiscus - consumed by love, delicate beauty
Holly - defense, domestic happiness, am I forgotten
Hollyhock - fruitfulness
Hollyhock (white) - female ambition
Honesty/Lunaria/Dollar Plant/Money Plant - sincerity
Honeyflower - sweet, secret love, generous affection, sweetness of disposition
Honeysuckle - the bond of love
Honeysuckle (coral) - I love you
Hops - sleep and pleasant dreams
Horehound - protection, health
Hosta - devotion
Houstonia/Bluet/Quaker Ladies - content
Hoya/Wax Plant - sculpture
Huckleberry - faith, simple pleasures
Hyacinth (blue) - consistency
Hyacinth (general) - games & sports, rashness, flower dedicated to Apollo
Hyacinth (purple) - sorry, please forgive me, sorrow
Hyacinth (red or pink) - playful joy
Hyacinth (white) - unobtrusive loveliness, i'll pray for you
Hyacinth (yellow) - jealousy
Hydrangea - thank you for understanding, frigidity, heartlessness

Indian Cress/Nasturtium - resignation
Ipomaca - I attach myself to you
Iris - faith, wisdom, promise in love, hope, wisdom & valor,"I have a message for you," my compliments
Iris (german) - flame
Iris (yellow) - passion
Ivy - wedded love, fidelity, friendship, affection, trustfulness
Ivy (hedra) - friendship, matrimony, wedded love, fidelity, constancy
Ivy (sprig of white tendrils)- anxious to please, affection

Japonica - sincerity, symbol of love
Jasmine (indian) - attachment
Jasmine (spanish) - sensuality
Jasmine (white) - amiability
Jasmine (yellow) - modesty, grace, elegance
Jerusalem Oak - your love is reciprocated
Johnny Jump Up - you occupy my thoughts, happy thoughts
Jonquil - love me, affection returned, desire, sympathy, have pity on my passion

Kennedia - intellectual beauty

Lady's Mantle - protection
Lady's Slipper - win me, capricious beauty
Lamb's Ears - softness, gentleness
Lantana - rigor
Larkspur - levity, an open heart, lightness
Lauristinus - cheerful in adversity
Lavender - love, devotion, acknowledgement, suspicion, loyalty strength and chastity
Leaves - hope
Lemon Balm (Sweet Balm, Melissa) - pleasant company of friends, "don't misuse me", sympathy and regeneration
Lemon blossom - fidelity in love; I promise to be true
Lemon verbena, kingliness, enchantment
Lilac (general) - beauty, pride
Lilac (purple) - first emotions of love
Lilac (white) - youthful innocence
Lily (calla) - beauty
Lily (day) - coquetry, Chinese emblem for mother
Lily (eucharis) - maiden charms
Lily (general) - majesty & honor, purity of heart
Lily (orange) - hatred, dislike
Lily (tiger) - wealth, pride, prosperity
Lily (white) - virginity, purity, majesty, it's heavenly to be with you, youth
Lily (yellow) - I'm walking on air, false, gay, gratitude
Lily Of The Valley - sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, happiness, humility, return of happiness
Liverwort - confidence
Lotus - estranged love, forgetful of the past
Love In A Mist - you puzzle me
Love-Lies-Bleeding/Amaranthus - hopeless, not heartless, desertion
Lucerne - life
Lungwort - thou art my life
Lupine - imagination
Lychnis/Campion/Maltese Cross - religious enthusiasm

Magnolia - nobility, perseverance, nobility
Magnolia (Chinese) - love of nature
Maidenhair fern - discretion
Mallow - delicate beauty, sweetness
Marigold (common) - pretty love, sacred, affection, caress, sorrow
Marjoram (sweet) - blushes, "your passion sends blushes to my cheeks"
Marjoram, symbol of honor, banishes sadness, youthfulness, courtesy, joy, happiness
Marvel Of Peru/Four O' Clock - timidity
Meadow saffron - my best days are gone
Mezereon - desire to please
Mignonette - your qualities surpass your charms, health
Milk vetch - your presence softens my pain
Mimosa - secret love
Mint - grief, homeliness, wisdom, eternal refreshment, virtue, cheerfulness, hospitality
Mistletoe - kiss me, affection, difficulties, sacred plant of India,
Monkshood - beware, danger is near
Moonwort/Honesty - forgetfulness
Morning Glory - affection
Moss - maternal love, charity
Motherwort - secret love
Mouse-Ear Chickweed - simplicity
Mugwort - happiness, travel, "be not weary", pleasant journeys and happiness
Mullein - good nature
Myrtle - love, joy, Hebrew emblem of marriage
Myrtle (wax) - discipline, instruction, mirth

Narcissus - formality, stay as sweet as you are
Nasturtium - conquest, victory in battle, patriotism, optimism, splendor
Nuts - stupidity

Oak - powerful protectant and fertility
Oak Leaves - bravery
Oleander - caution
Olive - peace
Orange Blossom - innocence, eternal love, marriage, fruitfulness
Orange Flowers - attractiveness
Orange, Mock - deceit
Orchid - love, beauty, refinement, Chinese symbol for many children, thoughtfulness
Orchid (Cattleya) - mature charm
Oregano - forgetfulness of former loved one

Palm leaves - victory & success
Pansy - merriment, thoughts (you occupy my thoughts)
Parsley - useful knowledge, festivity, joy, victory, merriment, "the woman of the house is boss"
Pasque Flower - unpretentious, you have no claims
Passionflower - faith, religious fervor
Peach Blossom - I am your captive
Pear - affection
Pennyroyal - harmony
Peony - shame, happy marriage, compassion, bashfulness
Peppermint - healing and cleansing, cordiality
Periwinkle/Vinca/Myrtle - early recollections, pleasures of memories, sweet memories, restore memory
Petunia - your presence soothes me
Pheasant's Eye/Adonis - sorrowful memories
Phlox - our souls are united, unanimity
Pimpernel/Poor Man's Weather Glass - change
Pine - hope, pity, loyalty, warm friendship
Pink (mountain) - you are aspiring
Pink- pure affection
Pomegranate flower - elegance
Poppy (general) - eternal sleep, oblivion, imagination
Poppy (red) - pleasure
Poppy (white) - consolation
Poppy (yellow) - wealth, success
Pride Of China - dissension
Primrose (evening) - inconstancy
Primrose (red) - unpatronized merit
Prince's feather - unfading love
Protea - challenge of desire
Pussy willow - motherhood

Quaking grass - agitation

Ragged-Robin - wit
Ranunculus - I am dazzled by your charms
Reeds - music
Rhododendron - danger, beware, I am dangerous
Rhubarb - advice
Rose (bouquet of full bloom) - gratitude
Rose (bridal) - happiness
Rose (burgundy) - unconscious beauty
Rose (Christmas)- relieve my anxiety
Rose (coral) - desire
Rose (damask) - freshness, Persian ambassador of love
Rose (dark crimson) - mourning
Rose (dark pink) - thankfulness
Rose (deep red) - bashful, shame
Rose (dog) - pleasure & pain
Rose (full-blown) - love at its fullest
Rose (garland or crown of) - beware of virtue, reward of merit, symbol of superior merit
Rose (green) - I am from Mars
Rose (hibiscus) - delicate, beauty
Rose (lavender) - enchantment, love at first sight
Rose (leaf) - you may hope
Rose (musk cluster) - charming
Rose (orange) - fascination
Rose (pale pink) - grace, joy
Rose (peach) - immortality, modesty
Rose (pink) - perfect happiness, secret love, happy love, grace, sweetness, indecision, beauty, simplicity
Rose (red and white together) - unity, flower emblem of England
Rose (red) - love, I love you, respect, beauty, desire
Rose (tea) - I'll remember, always
Rose (thornless) - love at first sight, early attachment
Rose (white) - innocence, purity, humility, I am worthy of you, secrecy, silence, gentle love
Rose (white-dried) - death is preferable to loss of virtue
Rose (yellow) - joy, jealousy, friendship, perfect achievement (one yellow rose with 11 red ones means love & passion)
Two roses taped or wired together to form a single stem signal an engagement or coming marriage.
A full blown rose placed over two buds signifies secrecy.
A crown made of roses is reward or virtue.
Rosebud - beauty & youth, a heart innocent of love
Rosebud (moss) - confessions of love
Rosebud (red) - pure & lovely
Rosebud (white) - girlhood, heart ignorant of love
Rosemary - remembrance, loyalty, fidelity, "your presence revives me", memory, devotion
Rose-of-Sharon - consumed by love
Rue - grief and repentance
Rush/Horse-Tail - docility

Sage - wisdom, great respect, speedwell female fidelity, domestic virtues, long life and good health, "I will suffer all for you", long life, healing and prosperity
Salad Burnet - cheerful disposition
Santolina - protection, ward off evil, full of virtue
Satin-Flower - sincerity
Savory - interest, spiciness, "the truth may be bitter"
Scullcap - peace, tranquility and relaxation
Sensitive plant - timidity
Shamrock - lightheartedness
Slippery elm - stops gossip
Sloe - difficulty, austerity
Smilax - loveliness
Snapdragon - gracious lady, strength, dazzling but dangerous
Snowball - thoughts of heaven
Snowdrop - hope, consolation
Solidago - success
Southernwood - constancy
Spearmint - warm sentiment
Spider flower - elope with me
Star of Bethlehem - atonement, reconciliation
Starwort - welcome to a stranger
Stephanotis - marital happiness, desire to travel
Stock- bonds of affection, promptness, you'll always be beautiful to me
Stonecrop - tranquility
Straw (broken) - broken agreement
Straw flower - agreement
Sunflower (dwarf) - adoration
Sunflower (tall) - false riches, pride, haughtiness, power and adoration
Sweet woodruff - `a new life', humble spirit
Sweetpea - good-by, departure, blissful pleasure, thank you for a lovely time
Sweet-Sultan - felicity, happiness
Sweet-William - grant me one smile, gallantry
Sytingia/Mock Orange/Lilac - memory

Tansy (tannacetum) - resistance, life everlasting, immortality and healing of wounds, hostile thoughts
Tarragon - lasting involvement, unselfish, sharing, lasting interest
Teasel (dipscaus) - misanthropy
Thornapple - I dreamed of thee
Thrift (armeria) - sympathy
Thyme - thriftiness, happiness, courage, bravery, strength and activity, daring
Traveler's Joy - rest, safety
Trumpet Flower/Angel's Trumpet/Datura - separation
Tuberoses - dangerous pleasures
Tulip (general) - perfect lover, fame, flower emblem of Holland
Tulip (pink) -dreaminess
Tulip (red) -believe me, declaration of love
Tulip (variegated) - beautiful eyes
Tulip (yellow) - there's sunshine in your smile, hopeless love
Turnip - charity

Valarian - stops couple from fighting, accommodating disposition
Venus Flytrap - caught at last
Venus' Looking Glass - flattery
Verbena (vervain) - sensibility, enchantment, superstition, pray for me, `you have bewitched me'
Veronica Speedwell - fidelity
Vine - intoxicating
Violet (blue) - watchfulness, faithfulness, love
Violet (white) - let's take a chance on happiness, innocence
Violet leaves - faithfulness, humility
Virgin's Bower/Clematis - filial love

Wall Flower/Gilly Flower - faithful in adversity, fidelity, lasting beauty
Willow - protection and blessings
Windflower - sincerity, symbol of love
Wintergreens - harmony
Wisteria - welcome
Witch hazel - a spell, heal a broken heart and cool passions
Wolfbane/Aconite/Turk's Cap/Friar's Cap/Bear's Foot - misanthropy, chivalry, knight
Woodbine - fraternal love
Wormwood/Artemisia - absence, do not be discouraged

Yarrow (achillea, milfoil) - to cure, cure for heartache, health, foretelling the future, and keeps a couple together for 7 years

Zephyr flower- sincerity, symbol of love
Zinnia (magenta) - lasting affection
Zinnia (mixed) - thinking (or in memory) of an absent friend
Zinnia (scarlet) - constancy
Zinnia (white) - goodness
Zinnia (yellow) - daily remembrance

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