Web Sites

Molecular Expressions Gallery
Contains microscopic pictures of everyday things, from beer to vegetables--the image to the left is a micrograph of an onion. They have also converted some of their images to wallpaper.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Every day, a new picture of the universe.

The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
A repository for the instruments of quacks throughout history. The museum is an actually place, but you can check out some of the devices, such as the Prostate Warmer, the Foot Operated Breast Enlarger Pump, and the Shoe-Fitting X-ray Device.

Mad Scientist Network
Want to know the answer to your nagging science questions? A group of mad (insane, not angry) scientists has been assembled to answer your questions. Answers are tailored to the age of the questioners--which range from elementary school to graduate school.

Bad Astronomy
Phil Plait, on astronomy.

News and Research

Synopses of articles from Nature to NASA. This is the best way I've found to keep up on what's happening with science and medicine.

deCODE Genetics
Webpage for the Icelandic company that is using the entire population of Iceland in its genome project.

The Annals of Improbable Research. Sponsors of the IgNobel Prizes. They report on research that "cannot or should not be reproduced." It includes research on topics such as why Mona Lisa smiled like that (someone had beaten her up and knocked out her teeth).

Health Sites

The CDC Influenza Homepage
I never realized how dangerous the flu was, until I started looking into the Avian Flu everyone was so hyped up about in 1997. Yetch.

"It took the computing power of three C-64s to fly to the Moon.
It takes a 486 to run Windows 95. Something is wrong here."