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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Books of 2013: Round-up and Geek-Out

First, links to the other posts of the round-up:

Genre Grab Bag: Non-Fiction, Romance, YA, Anthologies

And now, if you don’t geek out over statistics and numbers, this would be a good time for you to go pick up whatever book you’re reading and skip this post.

Because I am totally going to geek out here.

I read 172 174 books in 2013, averaging 14.5 books a month.  This beats my previous yearly total from 2006, of 164 books.

Of those 172 174 books, 68 (40%) were re-reads.  And 29 of those re-reads were books I have in more than one format (generally hardback/paperback and ebook).

I overwhelmingly read more ebooks than any other format, coming in with a total of 105 107. Considering that I read zero ebooks in 2010, this is a pretty impressive jump. Mass market paperbacks (39) beat out trade paperbacks (18), and hard back books almost matched the previous all-time low coming in at only five hardback books read in the entire year.


(You don’t have to tell me, I know the chart is off–I realized after I made the image that one of the comics I read last month was hardback and not trade paperback.)

I expect that trend to continue, with the number of hard back books I read becoming limited to cookbooks and the occasional

Considering genre, fantasy took a slight dip this year, as I re-read several mystery series, but this isn’t an unusual trend for me. Also, a single book can have multiple genre classifications, so Liz Williams’ Detective Inspector Chen series is classified as mystery and fantasy, which is actually my favorite flavor of both those genres, but makes the numbers look a little odd.


I read twelve thirteen books that were translated into English from their original language, covering Russian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, and Italian. Not a ton of variety, but all the books were part of a series, so it’s also not surprising. I’ve got other books by non-English speaking authors lined up to read, so I hope the variety will be a little better next year. (Italian is likely to reappear, as I adore Andrea Camilleri’s Inspector Montalbano series and generally order the next book as soon as it is available.

And then there’s the author’s gender.

Females wrote an overwhelming majority of the books I read, 52%, but that’s closer to 57% when you add in women writing under their initials or male pseudonyms.  I read the same number of books written jointly (anthologies, comics, multiple authors under a single name) as I read by male authors, 20%.


Since 2006, my reading preferences average out to 42% male: 51% female. That includes three years where more than 50% of the books I read were by male authors.

I’ll be fascinated to see if this trend continues over time.

One last note: I fully expect to have completed the book I’m currently reading by the end of the day. Yeah, finished up two books last night, so we’ll see what I’ve read by the end of the day today. :)

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