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Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Books of 2020: Comics

I read a fair number of comics this year, but didn’t love some of them, and others were published well before 2019, which is generally my cut-off date (unless something has been re-released).

Check Please Sticks and Scones
Check, Please! Book 2: Sticks & Scones (2020) Ngozi Ukazu
LGBT, Romance

First, you MUST read Check, Please!: # Hockey which is the first half of this story. Although volume two is the one published this year, I’m going to talk about volume one. Because that’s where you need to start.

Check Please Panel

This is absolutely the sweetest most adorable thing I have ever read. It’s like being folded in a hug, and I’m not even kidding. I read through the entire thing online at least twice and also purchased and read the paper books, both to support the artist and because I prefer reading comics on paper.

Eric Bittle has gotten a college scholarship to play hockey. The only problem is that he was a figure skater and is terrified of being hit. So the team captain takes him under his arm and helps him out.

AND THERE IS LOVE! I just… I mean… this is one of the best things I’ve read in forever, and I have read a lot of books.

There is language (as you can see in the above panel) because these are college students AND hockey players. But really, aside from that it’s quite wholesome.


It’s just SO SWOONY! Don’t believe me? You can read it online.

Heathen Volume 1 (2017) Natasha Alterici
Historical, Fantasy, LGBT

I put this in because volume two was published in 2019 and the third and final volume this year. Honestly, the first volume is far and away my favorite, but the whole story is fascinating. I am going to re-read the third volume in a bit, because I couldn’t decided quite how I felt about it.

Heathen Panel

It’s the story of a young woman who is exiled from her community when she refuses to marry after being caught with a friend. She gets a talking horse and goes on an epic adventure, meeting Valkyries, pirates, and even Odin.

Lady Mechanika
Lady Mechanika: La Dama de la Muerte (2017), Lady Mechanika Vol 4: Clockwork Assassin (2018)  Joe Benitez
Fantasy, Steamponk

This is another comic I discovered this year, and read volume after volume until I ran out of published books.

Lady Mechanika Panel

Lady Mechanika has no memory of her past. Which may be for the best, since she was obviously part of a horrible experiment, where I mad scientists replaced her arms, legs, and eyes with mechanical ones. These give her amazing abilities but also set her apart from the rest of society.

Which she searchers for the monster who made her what she now is, she takes jobs and is a bit of an adventuress.

It’s a great story and has utterly gorgeous art.

This is another series where you are going to want to start at the first volume and work your way forward. Each volume is a mostly completed arc, but the main story arc is Lady Mechanika learning about her past with her discovering hints and clues in each volume.

I have ordered the latest volume and am eagerly waiting it.

The Books of 2020

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