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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Hiking WV: Wandering to Waterfalls

The forecast was rain, but there was a night, home game, so we settled on a series of short hikes to waterfalls.

Douglas Falls is just outside of Thomas, and although the Blackwater Canyon trail is easy, there is a scramble down to the waterfall.


My favorite spot is along the top of the old (and crumbling) retaining wall, and down past the falls a bit.


Then we headed to Blackwater Falls to hike along the Falls of Pendleton.

This hike is not an easy one.




But the views were lovely.



Sadly, as much as I enjoyed sitting there watching the falls, my pictures don’t really show just how amazing the views were.


On the other hand, the weather meant we didn’t see anyone anyone else, which is always a plus.

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