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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


For the past couple months, the passenger’s side window has been making a strange clanking noise when you open it. As it did nothing but rain for most of that time, we didn’t worry about it. But last week when temperatures skyrocketed along with gas prices, it suddenly became a concern. Since Morgantown gets more rain than Seattle, having a window that won’t go up or some other problem is right out.

So last week Michael and I both said that we needed to get the window fixed, which is usually the start of a couple weeks of discussion before something actually happens.

Well, something happened Friday.

That was a letter from Toyota saying that there was a recall (or whatever the heck it is) for the listed model years of Corollas, because bolts in the front windows could work loose and cause problems. I believe the letter said something about how the window could “shatter, distracting the driver.”

You think?

So the car is at the dealer right now, getting the window(s) fixed. And then we’ll be able to unroll both front windows without fear of “distracting the driver”.

Assuming it ever stops raining.

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