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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

While I am amused by the “Things that Irk Me” Lists and understand how cathartic they can be, it’s not safe for me to think about things that either make me sad or make me angry, as I don’t need to make myself more sad or angry than I already am.

So instead, you get a list of things that make me happy. Because everyone needs more happy. Especially me.

So some things that make me happy are:

My cat being cute. He has a bad attitude most of the time, so when he does something cute I can’t help but smile.

Snow. I love new fallen snow. I love how it covers everything. I love seeing an expanse of new fallen snow on a moonlit night. Could there be anything more beautiful in nature?

New books by my favorite authors. Not just any author, but those who time and again have drawn me into their worlds away from y own. I love a new adventure with characters as familiar as old friends.

My garden. Yes, I could have done many things better, and am always considering possible improvements, but I love looking around and seeing the fruits of my labors blooming from spring to fall.

Flowers. Not just the flowers in my garden, but almost any flower. I love looking at them, I love smelling them (except lilies, they give me a headache), I love sending them to people I love to brighten their day. It’s hard to be gloomy in a room that has a vase of flowers.

Chocolate. Good chocolate. I love the sensation of taking a bite of dark chocolate and having it melt on my tongue. I love the crunch of nuts in brownies and moist chocolate cookies. I love the icy chill of chocolate ice cream.

Teaching. Not the whole process, because that is sometimes frustrating, but I love the moment when I am teaching someone and they suddenly get it. I love to hear people gasp and go, “you can do that?” I love it when people walk away from me knowing more than they knew before, and knowing something that will make their lives better, if only in a little tiny way.

My husband. :) Not because he gives me gifts (lets not even discuss his ability to find gifts). Not because he gives me flowers (he doesn’t). Not even because he allows me to be myself, (though that is a very good thing). What makes me happy is that he is my center and my sanity he contains the things missing from me and makes me into a whole person. A whole and sane person.

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