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Saturday, October 4, 2008

WVU vs Rutgers

I’m hoping that the team continues to gel, and that Pat White’s hand is in good shape.

ADDENDUM the First:
Halftime 17 – 10.

We missed most of the first half having lunch with Michael’s mom and her husband.

ADDENDUM the Second:
I hate it when Pat White goes down.

ADDENDUM the Third:
Pat White is heading back to the locker room. As much as I hate to see him off the field, I’m glad to see the training staff being proactive about concussions and head injuries.

ADDENDUM the Fourth:
Pat is back on the sideline and looking fine, but out of the game.

As I said before, I hate to see him out of the game, but I’d hate more for him to suffer long term damage from playing with a concussion.

ADDENDUM the Fifth:
It’s now a seven point game.

24 – 17

ADDENDUM the Sixth:
Final = 24 – 17 WVU

ADDENDUM the Seventh:
Coming off the field they just asked Coach Stewart about Pat White, and he said although Pat said he was okay the trainer said no, so Coach Stewart said he’d never ever never put a player on the field when they could get hurt or cause long term damage.

That is awesome. Because no one’s long term health is worth a single game.

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