Andrew J. Robinson

A Stitch in Time (2000)


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


A Stitch in Time (2000)

A Stitch in Time

Okay, before you say anything, I admit it, this is a Star Trek book. And I don't even have the excuse of it being a movie novelization.

All I can say is that Garak is my absolute favorite DS9 character, and I felt that they never did as much with him as they could--everything you learned just left you with more questions. So when I read that Andrew Robinson, the actor who had played Garak, wrote a book telling the backstory he had created for Garak... well, I'm a sucker.

What surprised me is how good the story is. Andrew Robinson obviously put a great deal of thought into his character, his past, and what made him the way he was.

Now I have to admit that Andrew Robinson isn't the best writer in the world: the new characters don't have the depth of already established characters, however, what he does with the already established characters is quite good.

The book follows three story-lines: The time just after the series ends, where Garak is back on Cardassia, attempting to rebuild after the destruction wrought by the Dominion after the uprising, which is written as letters to Doctor Bashir; the year or so following the Federation retaking of DS9 when Garak is working to get the Dominion out of Cardassia; and Garak's youth, including his discovery of the fact that Tain is his father, his education, and his entry into the Obsidian order up to his exile on Terok Nor and the Federation arrival on what they came to call Deep Space Nine. The three storylines are then woven together, although the major part of the tale is of Garak's past.

I'm not quite certain why Andrew Robinson chose to create material that overlapped the show. It didn't add much to Garak's character, and wasn't truly integral to the story. I wonder whether he felt that the story wouldn't sell if it didn't include at least some mention of Sisko and the other characters in the series. I think that the story would have been stronger either without the overlapping portion, or if it spanned the entirety of the series, instead of just a year.

If you liked Deep Space Nine, and liked the character of Garak, then you'll most likely love this book. If you aren't a Deep Space Nine fan, then why are you reading this review?
Rating: 8/10