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Deadly Remedy

Monday, December 10, 2018

Deadly Remedy (2003) Gwen Hunter

The third Dr. Rhea Lynch mystery.

A faith healer has come to down, and that means work for Dr. Rhea, when people get heat stroke or do stupid things like stopping their medicines. But it’s the case of a quadriplegic that is most interesting–a teen who broke her spine in a car crash.

Add to that a car accident that brings to light some extremely damaged teenagers, and the hospital has problems.

Also, after several weeks away Rhea’s housekeeper has returned.

Face impassive, her head nodded to the counter. “That a bribe? Think you can buy your way outta the mess a’ this house?”

“God, I hope so.”

The mystery was interesting, in that it wasn’t obvious who was behind everything, and things were not quite as I thought they were. Also, there were two different problems that collided only because they met at the hospital, and I thought that was interesting as well.

As I said with the first book, it’s interesting, but I’m again glad I didn’t pay full price.

Publisher: Bella Rosa Books
Rating: 7/10

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