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Friday, May 3, 2019

Ravensong (2018) TJ Klune

That’s it.

I’m out.

Gordo Livingstone was made the witch of the Bennett pack when he was a child. Then, his pack abandoned him and he was left completely alone–even by the boy he thought he loved.

This book happens before, during, and after the events of Wolfsong, giving us Gordo’s POV. I’d assumed this book was going to be Gordo and Mark working out their differences and dealing with Gordo’s father.

No. It wasn’t. It was an entirely new Big Bad AND the book ends with Gordo’s father talking to one of the troublemakers of this book.

This book was long. Really really long. It needed a lot of editing and didn’t get it.

Which is too bad because I like Gordo, and I really like his friends–the other men who worked at his auto repair shop.

“Oh man,” Chris said, looking down at the badly wrapped gift in his hand. “I got you a gift at the dollar store.”

“I didn’t even get you a gift,” Tanner said, staring at the streamers and balloons and the tables filled with food.

“You can go in on mine,” Chris told him. “It was only a dollar.”

“It’s a pop gun,” Chris said, shoving the present into my hands.

“It’s from the both of us,” Tanner said.

“You owe me fifty cents,” Chris told him.

“Oh, since you’re being serious,” Tanner said. “Guys, look. We have to listen to him now. He’s being serious.”

“That’ll change my mind,” Rico said, shaking his head. “Thank you, Gordo, for telling us what you think we’re supposed to do. Should we ignore you right off the bat and move on to something productive, or do you want to fight us on it?”

That did not, however, save the story from going on and on when it needed ruthlessly pruned. And then ending with all kinds of nasty info dumps meant to keep your wondering.


I’m out.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Rating: 4/10

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