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Sorcery and the Single Girl

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Sorcery and the Single Girl (2007-2015) Mindy Klasky

Jane is slowly learning how to use her powers–but it turns out she doesn’t have much time, because the local coven is going to test her, and if she fails, they take all her books, tools, and even her familiar Neko.

Jane was even more aggravating in this book that she was in the first. Still terrible judgement with regard to men, and her desire to fit in with the coven led her to argue with her childhood best friend and make LOTS of really stupid decisions.

This is what really annoyed me.

And we left without paying the bill. And she inadvertently taught me a dark magic spell that nearly knocked out my warder and made my familiar quiver in the basement with terror.

That is so very no okay, I lost a great deal of respect for Jane right then and there. I don’t care how much she wanted to become part of the in group, that’s someone’s paycheck and livelihood she was messing over right there.

And she refuses to listen to David (her warder) about the possible dangers of what she’s doing. (And David is somewhat of an ass for not being more open about the dangers of the coven.)

Yes, there was somewhat of an out for that–a spell laid upon her–but it was still stupid and aggravating. I really wonder about the rules of magic in this world.

So: aggravating.

Publisher: Res Ipsa Press
Rating: 6/10

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