wide view from mountain top

Hiking West Virginia


One of the reasons I love living in West Virginia, is because there are so many places to hike here. Coopers Rock State Forest is a fifteen minute drive from my house, and areas of the Mononghelia National Forest and New River Gorge are within a two and a half hour drive (which is a day trip for a hike for us).

We have managed to visit all 27 state park and eight state forest in WV, have hiked all through the New River Gorge and Mononghelia National Forest areas, and generally thoroughly enjoyed the beauty that is everywhere here.

Several years ago I started keeping the gps tracks for our hikes, so I've put what I had together here--some of the areas, like Coopers Rock, have almost all the trails mapped (because we hike there all the time) while other parks have nothing (because there is nowhere to hike, such as at Tu-Endie-Wei, or I didn't track our hike, such as at Pipestem).

I also have Flickr photo albums for most of the areas, and in many cases have links to any blog post I wrote about the hike or trip.

My hope is that putting these resources together will help encourage people to come and view and hike West Virgina, which I think is one of the most beautiful places around.