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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hiking WV: Camp Creek State Park

My plan for this hike (made while Michael was driving) was to take part of the Farley Branch Trail and then switch over to the Mash Fork trail, so come out down by the falls, and then drive up to see the other falls.

When we reached the Mash Fork Trail, Michael pulled out the map and said, “let’s continue along this trail!”

Eight miles later, after crossing the Mash Fork several times (and I did NOT fall in once!) we came out at the Mash Fork Falls.

Location: Camp Creek State Park
Trails: Farley Branch, Turkey Loop
Distance: 8.0 miles
Elevation: 1650 feet

Because those were really horse riding trails more than hiking trails, I wouldn’t recommend this hike, since much of it is along roads, and passes an extremely loud gas compressor.

One exciting thing is we saw what I think is a bobcat. Because I only had a regular zoom lens, and I was NOT going to get closer to get a better shot, the pictures are extremely blurry. Will this change my mind about using a backpack and carrying a longer lens?

Probably not.



Mash Fork was very pretty, but I would have enjoyed crossing it more if I’d had water shoes for the crossing.


The Mash Fork falls were very pretty. But I wouldn’t have minded the shorter hike to reach them.


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