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Monday, May 25, 2015

Hiking WV: Coopers Rock State Forest

Today, in addition to putting out the flag and thinking about the sacrifices made by the men and women throughout history to safeguard our freedoms, we took a hike at Coopers Rock.

Location: Coopers Rock State Forest
Trails: Eagle, Underlook, Rattlesnake, Rock City, Ridge, Rhododendron Trails
Distance: 2.7 miles
Elevation: 709 feet

We made a sort of a figure eight, if the top part of the eight was really really small and the bottom part was huge.

We also saw two black snakes, one of which I pointed out to a mother so she could show it to her kids, the second of which was pointed out to us by a small boy and his grandmother. :)

Snakes are very interesting!

Looking up to the Overlook, from the Underlook trail.



Going up?


Rattlesnake Trail



Above the Rattlesnake Trail



And speaking of snakes…


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