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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have to say that I am sorely disappointed in Shawn’s review of a review of his review.

penguinShawn’s review review lacked the substance that I’ve come to expect from his commentary, and instead did little more than tell us that a review of his review existed.

When I read a review of a review, I want to know the nitty gritty: what was exceptional about the review–either exceptionally good or exceptionally bad. There wasn’t even any mention of hideous arse candles. I really expect any negative review of a review to contain at least a side reference to them.

And not only was there not a video of this review, but there weren’t even any pictures, displaying the strengths and weaknesses of the review to be reviewed. All we got was a lousy smiley?! UNACCEPTABLE!

This review lacked the wit and charisma that I’ve come to expect from a man who gives his wife five hot water bottles for Valentine’s Day.
Shawn, I expect better of you in the future.


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