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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Plans for Today

Our plans are to go to the movies and see Hellboy.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, that we actually make it there.

ADDENDUM the First:
20 minutes of commercials and previews. Grr. Though at $5.75 for a ticket, guess I can’t complain that much.

It was fun.

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, especially since there were only a handful of other people in the theater, so we had the WHOLE ROW to ourselves AND no one sat in front of us! WHEEEE!!!!

I think it was comparable to the first, in that it didn’t take itself at all seriously and was silly in all the right places. I could have done without the singing, but hey, nothing’s perfect.

As usual, my favorite parts were the fight scenes. The guy who played the elf was very good, and I liked how his extra abilities made him seem even less human, even though they were things you see in all the fun kung fu movies.

So my opinion? Fun!

And very different from Iron Man, which we saw last weekend, which I also liked a lot, but in a very different way.

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