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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pics from the Past

So Jeri asked everyone to post pictures of their childhood and teenage years.

Problem is I don’t have more than a couple pictures of my childhood. Got pictures of my Dad and even my grandmother as kids. But I think I only have two pictures of myself. Found some more pictures and scanned them. I really need a new scanner. And some new photo-editing software.

So you’ll get a little bit of everything here.


Here I am with my grandmother and grandfather at Coopers Rock. Yes, my hair was really blonde when I was little.


This picture was taken in Baltimore, of me and my grandfather. Again my hair is really blonde, and notice that it’s been wild all my life. I was three or four at that time. No older because Popbo died days before my 5th birthday.


Me and my brother, Brian. Aside from the decor, I don’t think it’s particularly obvious this picture was taken in the 70s. Don’t be fooled by that look. He was plotting something horrific.


Yes, yes I was queen of the circus. Feel free to continue to address me as royalty if you like.


This might help explain my overwhelming desire to dress in monochromatic solids. Maybe 5th grade here? Hard to tell, as I didn’t really grow much until high school.


I was a bridesmaid when my friends Del & Kathy got married. Del told me he’d kill me if I wore my boots to the ceremony, but said nothing about the reception. Yes, I dyed my hair very red for about six years.


This is a picture of my Dad (on the left) and his cousin and best friend Billy (on the right).


This is the 4th of July, my grandmother is the kid in the middle, the adorable blonde girl is her sister (my great-aunt Doris) and the other kids were her friends, one of whom came to her 90th birthday party.


This is one of my favorite pictures. This is my Dad’s cousin Billy, taken at the house where both my grandmother and father grew up. I think Billy took the most charming pictures, and I’m very sorry he died as a child.

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