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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today So Far

Wake up after having had dreams that my phone was broken.

Get up to discover that, despite charging all night, the battery on my phone is dead.

Switch the battery, turn on phone, get dressed and leave for Farmer’s Market.

After phone finally turns completely on, Michael notices I have a voice mail from my pregnant friend. I’m supposed to watch her kid if she goes into labor early, which is why I’ve been trying to keep my phone charged at all times.

Message says that she is in the hospital. She fell down the stairs–she is OK, the baby is OK, but they are keeping her for observation. Are we still on for her kid taking a nap (originally wrote that as kid napping, and that’s was just wrong) at our house today as planned? (We want to make sure kid is going to be comfortable sleeping here.)

Head to Best Buy. One hour later, I have a loaner phone, and my replacement phone should be here in a week. My loaner phone is NOT awesome, but I suppose I only need it for a couple days.

And now I have a preschooler napping in our guest bedroom while her daddy is visiting mommy in the hospital, where she’ll be kept overnight for observation.

In other news, I didn’t get the grocery shopping done today OR any of the house cleaning. But Mommy and baby are OK, and preschooler seems perfectly content to nap here, so in the grand scheme of things, it’s all good.

Oh. Preschooler likes ladybugs and caterpillars and frogs.

Just so you know.

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