Drive to Baltimore

These are pictures taken from the backseat as we drove home from Baltimore. The leaves weren't as pretty as I hoped, but it was still a pretty drive. All the pictures were taken on the stretch from the cut to Frederick. None of the picures taken past Frederick turned out quite right.

Abridged View from My Porch

Abridged, because I cropped out most of the house across the street from me. Photo-Paint is my friend.
I have to say that I now understand why people want to bury phone and power lines.

Misty August Morning

Aside from the Morning Glories, these are some of the same views I took in the winter when it was snowing.
I just wanted to be able to compare. I have to say it was more pleasant to take the pictures on a foggy August morning than a snowy February day.

Dog Days

We got to watch all the dogs when everyone went out of town all at once.
We only took pictures of Cyrus, Holly and Sasha though.
(Yes, Cyrus does look strange. He got cranky about being groomed, so the only solution was clippers.)

June Showers

It's orange, but I still think the daisy is quite beautiful. I was pleased with how the color came out.
The rose is actually much more uniformly pink than this, but I think I prefer the color in the picture.


Rosebush, irises, daylillies, hydrangea, mulch and brick border.

Well retained strawberry plants and the raspberry bush.

Lavender plants along the driveway.
In the foreground is pot of flowers, and towards the end of the wall is the heather.

What may one day be a hedge, but is now only a row of shrubs.
Eunomous, azalea, boxwood, forsythia, barberry, wigalia, rose.

April Flowers

Late March Snow

Spring snow on 30 March

Daffodils in the snow

Different Tree

From the big snow, February 17th


These pictures were taken the 7th of February, when we had a very pretty overnight snow.

Pictures from our drive back from Baltimore