Early March 2008

As hard as it is to believe, and with sleet and two inches of snow yesterday, the pussywillow has started blooming.

So I finally have plants from my garden to add to the hot house flowers I've been buying.

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April -- Spring Is Here!

Spring has finally arrived, with a rush of flowers blooming all at once.

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Daffodils. For some reason half of my daffodils have not bloomed this year. Guess this means I'd better fertilize them this year.


Forsythia blooms. Sunday it was kind of pathetic looking, today it's like the entire plant went nuts and there's not an inch of branch that isn't covered in blooms.


Heather. Always looks nicer in person than in photographs.

Mutant Daffodils

Mutant daffodils. These daffodils frighten me.

Front Garden Early April

The front garden early April. Pretty barren and sad looking.

Late April

Front Garden Late April

The front garden in late April. Less baren, but still empty in spots.

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rohdodendron in  blom

Last Sunny Saturday in April

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side yard garden

Side Yard Gardens: lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), heather (Calluna vulgaris), bearded iris, rose bush, japanese maple (Acer palmatum), bearded iris, holly

bleeding heart

Pink Bleeding Heart (Dicentra)


Periwinkle (vinca minor)

ground cover

Ground cover in the front garden

purple gem rhododendron

Purple Gem Rhododendron

5 May

day lily

First daylily of the year! The fifth of May and I already have a daylily blooming.



The azalea we bought last year reduced for quick sale bloomed shockingly nicely this year. I wasn't 100% certain what the color the blooms were, and fuschia isn't my favorite color, but this does look very nice.

13 May 2008


The broom is almost ready to bloom!


The azalea still looks fantastic. I'm starting to wish I had room for a white azalea.

Here's the front garden mid May. Most of the empty spaces are now filled out. That bare spot right in front is where I am hoping the foxglove is coming back. If it does, it tends to take up a lot of space, which is why there's little much else around.