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Counting on a Countess

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Counting on a Countess (2018) Eva Leigh

Set in England in 1817

Christopher “Kit” Ellingsworth was made an Earl for his service during the war. But since returning his done little but attempt to drown his memories in alcohol and women. Until he receives an inheritance–with strings attached.

“I’ll have money, won’t I?” Kit demanded hotly. “They gave me an earldom. What more could a girl ask for?” His could feel his pleasure garden slipping from his grasp, and the obstacle in his path was himself.

Langdon sent him a wry glance. “Oh, not much. Only temperance, fidelity, and fiscal responsibility.”

“Bah,” Kit scoffed. “Who needs such a dullard?”

“Most women of marriageable age,” Langdon replied.

Tamsyn Pearce has spent the last eight years smuggling to try and help the members of her village from starving to death after her father died and her uncle who inherited cared for nothing but his own pleasure.

I really liked both characters quite a bit. They’re essentially good and caring individuals. But they lie to each other. And… I just couldn’t really care that much about them. They were nice people. I wanted them to do well. But I wasn’t the slightest bit invested in their coming to do so.

Publisher: Avon
Rating: 5.5/10

Categories: British, Historical, Romance, Sexual Content

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