Random Thoughts

"Inter Arma Silent Leges."

According to Black's Law Dictionary, this means, "in times of war the laws are silent."

A man is carrying a heavy load of wood on his shoulders and bewailing his misfortune. Finally he drops the load of wood and wails, "Oh Death, just take me now!"
Suddenly, the Angel of Death appears and says, "You called?"
Frightened, the man replies, "Could you help me put this wood back on my shoulders?"

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Dream Stories

I have strange dreams that I try to write up as short stories.

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Stuff I Had to Write for School

The Ethics of Physician Assisted Suicide (December 2004)

Aging and Death (November 2003)

The Sociology of Aging and Death (27 October 2003)

Antibiotics, Food and Humans for my Environmental Health class. (11 April 2003)

Jerusalem Paper for my Faiths of Abraham class. (20 March 2002)

Other Stuff

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