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An Unwilling Accomplice

Sunday, March 18, 2018

An Unwilling Accomplice (2014) Charles Todd

Set in Europe in Autumn 1818.

I may need to step away from this series for a little bit, or at least read something in between books, because I’m beginning to wonder just how much murder a nursing sister in the Great War can possibly witness/get involved in.

That is, of course, a problem with murder mysteries where the main character is neither a police officer or a private investigator–most people aren’t regularly entangled in murders, and after the 6th murder you begin to wonder what kind of life they’ve been living to attract these kinds of people. Because it’s not like Bess is being asked by her friends and acquaintances for help (Miss Marple) or being pulled into situations against her will (Sebastian St Cyr). Things just keep happening to her.

Which is frustrating, because I really do like the setting of these stories, and really enjoy the Great War bits.

Several of us had taken the first-floor flat in Mrs. Hennessey’s house in the autumn of 1914 when we began our training as Sisters, for it was not thought to be proper for unattended women to stay in an hotel.

It was true. Unless the woman’s father had managed to tie up the estate in his daughter’s name, everything she owned would become her husband’s property on the day of their marriage. And if her father had died suddenly, as it appeared from what the man Tulley was saying, there might have been no time to set out provisions to protect his daughter.

Also unfortunately, I found this mystery rather weak and confusing. Were there really so many deserters running around England?

I’m trying to decide if I’m going to finish the next book I already started or switch to something else for awhile.
Rating: 5/10

Publisher: William Morrow

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