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The Fangs of Freelance

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Fangs of Freelance (2017) Drew Hayes

The fourth Fred the Vampire Accountant book.

My name is Fredrick Frankford Fletcher, and I am an accountant by trade. Also, I’m a vampire. Yes, I probably should have led with that second bit, but to be honest, the accountant part factors far more frequently into my daily life than does my status as an Undead American.

Fred now has a clan, and is holding off the vampires who are displeased with him, but with that security comes more responsibility, and Fred has to live up to some of the promises he made. Namely, becoming a freelance accountant for the agency.

(I)t seemed all those with claim to the estate were either deceased or under arrest for, and again I’ll quote the document, “crimes against the commonly agreed upon reality.”

We do get to spend a little but of time with Richard and Gideon, and I particularly like Richard.

Richard Alderson, head of Winslow’s therian tribe, host to the King of the West, and all-around imposing figure, pulled his minivan to a stop only a few feet away from Bubba’s truck. When he popped the door and stood up, it made a little more sense. This minivan had been modified to accommodate his incredible size, as Richard towered over pretty much everyone and had so much muscle he’d have made every other participant in a bodybuilding competition immediately admit defeat. Then he yanked the sliding side door open, and the vehicle choice became a perfect fit. Because, above all the other things I listed already, Richard was a father, and minivans tended to have exceptional safety features.

That story is set in a defunct carnival, much of which I found extremely amusing.

Sure enough, there was the spinning ride Richard had mentioned. A surprisingly intact sign above the platform labeled it the “Lunch Thief,” which was a name that both conveyed what it would do to those who rode and made me wonder who on earth would ever get on such a thing.

Actually, that story was one of my favorites, since it went in a completely unexpected direction.

This is a very fun series, and I highly recommend it.

Publisher: REUTS Publications
Rating: 8.5/10

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