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The Pill Bugs of Time

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Pill Bugs of Time (2016) Angel Martinez

This is the second half of Kyle and Vikash’s story, told from Vikash’s POV.

Why are these two characters fun? Because they are ridiculously geeky–and proud of it.

“Should get an Odo bucket,” Vikash murmured.

“A what?”

Kyle chuckled into his coffee. “Seriously, Carr? You never watched Deep Space Nine?

But it’s not all geekiness and boinking. I do like the other characters, even if they appear only briefly.

“All right, people.” Lieutenant Dunfee shook her head. “I have two officers on medical, one close to collapse and the rest of you look like crap.”

“Well, thank you for that.” Carrington sniffed in offense from his corner.

“If we try to solve this tonight, we’re asking for disaster. Everyone get the hell out of my building. We’ll start again in the morning.” She pointed toward the shadowed back wall. “Except Loveless, who wants to be a smartass.


If this story wasn’t the conclusion of the first book, I would NOT have read it.

Because I DESPISE time travel stories.

I’m not kidding.

I really REALLY hate time travel stories, and about the only thing that made this tolerable is that they characters traveled in their minds. Mostly.

But I did like the conclusion of Kyle & Vikash’s story.
Publisher: Pride Publishing

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