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The Dark Tide

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The Dark Tide (2011) Josh Lanyon

When last we saw our heroes, Adrien was in the hospital recovering both from being shot, and from heart valve replacement surgery.

It’s three weeks later and he’s finally home above his bookstore, but all is not well: someone keeps breaking into his store, a skeleton is discovered in the construction where his store is being expanded, and his family will not stop bothering him about his health.

Pretty justifiable on the last one, since he basically looks like death warmed over.

To be honest, the whole stepfamily thing wasn’t nearly as trying as I’d originally anticipated two years ago when my mother had unexpectedly decided to marry Councilman Bill Dauten. With Dauten had come three lovely and charming daughters: Lauren, Natalie, and Emma. Emma was the exact kid sister I’d have chosen if kid sisters were something you could purchase in a pet store.

On a personal level, he has to work out how he feels about Guy–who was with him for the two years after Jake left–as well as how he feels about Jake, who did finally out himself AND take a bullet for Adrien.

I particularly liked just how slow and difficult Adrien’s recovery is here. He spent a lot of time in the hospital. He goes to rehab three times a week. He can’t even walk up stairs without difficulty.

Dr. Shearing was my therapist, yet another member of my rehabilitation team, which included my cardiologist, physical therapist, exercise therapist, dietitian, and…shrink.

And his new lease on life is something that Adrien has to come to terms with.

I’d never really considered the stark prospect of myself in extreme old age, because I hadn’t figured I’d live to an age where I needed to worry about nursing homes or assisted living.

There’s a lovely passage here, where Adrien asks why he calls his mother Lisa and not Mom or Mum. It’s actually very sweet–and surprising.

This is another very good story–both the mystery and the interpersonal bits.

Publisher: Just Joshin
Rating: 8/10

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