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Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure (2019) Courtney Milan

Set in England in 1867.

Miss Violetta Beauchamps had worked for the same family her entire life, managing their properties.

For decades, the reigning Toggerts had praised her diligence, her book-keeping, her careful work. The latest Mr. Toggert had promised her a pension if she worked for him until she was seventy.

He’d sacked her two days ago, eleven months shy of that goal.

Mrs. Bertrice Martin is a widow who has survived to the age of 73 by realizing that women had to take what they needed–men were never going to voluntarily help.

Discussions never helped anything; they inevitably ended in people begging Bertrice not to do whatever it was she wanted to do. She would then have to waste good effort ignoring them.

In fact, she is burdened with a Terrible Nephew, who believes that her fortune belongs to him.

“Aunt. Those words are so harsh. I’ve asked you again and again to see my side of it. I’m a gentleman. It wasn’t rape; I would have paid her afterward. You’ve been sheltered; you don’t know how these things work.”

“I know exactly how they work,” Mrs. Martin said. “I have money. You have none. I will make your life a misery. I promise I will.” She raised her voice even more loudly. “Gentlemen, toss this man out of your club. He’ll get nothing from me. He’ll never repay what he owes your coffers.”

“Aunt Bertrice.” The Terrible Nephew winced. “You don’t mean that. I know you won’t leave me with nothing. How will I survive?”

This is a story about two older women who have made their way in a world that sees them as surplus. As barriers to their deserved inheritance.

Her fears had not been her own; they had been gifts from her elders.

I like Mrs Martin. I like Miss Beauchamps. I strongly disliked the spoiled horrible nephew.

My sole problem was when Miss Beauchamps’ deception was uncovered. It seems strange to me that Bertrice would have not said something to Violet after discovering that she lied about owning the building. It just seemed somewhat cruel. I suppose she might have acted that way, but… it bothered me.

Besides that, it was lovely to see the horrible man get his comeuppance, well-deserved as it was.

Publisher: Courtney Milan
Rating: 7.5/10

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