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Mating the Huntress

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Mating the Huntress (2018) Talia Hibbert

Mating the HuntressLuke Anthony is a werewolf.

Chastity Adofo comes from a family of Huntresses, although she herself is forbidden to hunt.

twenty-five years ago, on the day of Chastity’s birth, some batty old oracle had rocked up to the delivery room and told her parents— in typically dramatic fashion— that if Chastity ever became a huntress, her first kill would rip out her own heart.

But when a werewolf keeps visiting her family’s coffeeshop, she decides she’ll take care of him herself.

Unfortunately, Luke is also hunting for her–as his mate.

Just the other day, he’d Googled How to ask a woman out without making her fear for her life— but the results hadn’t been particularly helpful.

This is a cute story, but it wasn’t really my jam. The characters were good, the story was interesting, but it was very much about boinking, first and foremost.

Publisher: Nixon House
Rating: 7/10

Categories: 7/10, British, Fantasy, Romance, Sexual Content, Supernatural     Comments (0)    

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