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Connection Error

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Connection Error (2016) Annabeth Albert (#gaymers)

Despite his best planning, Josiah Simmons almost misses his plane and is the last passenger on board. But when he sees his seat mate, he thinks maybe everything things are looking up.

Ryan Orson is focused on one thing–get past his injuries and back onto the duty rooster. He doesn’t need any distractions–especially a cute but unfocused guy who no filter.

But unforseen circumstances put them back together and keep them in contact, and it could be that maybe Ryan doesn’t need to go it alone.

I liked both men’s story arcs. Josiah had some growing up to do and Ryan had a lot of healing–both the physical healing from his injuries and the broken heart he insists he doesn’t have, after his ex almost immediately got married.

Also, his insistence that he can still do everything on his own–despite his injuries.

I liked both characters, and Josiah was fun.

He lost track of Josiah for a bit, then found him over at the kids’ table, coloring with a group of Ryan’s nephews and nieces. “He was dancing with them a little bit ago,” his mother said, reappearing at his elbow with a plate of food.

I did see some of the things coming, but I felt that the issues the two hard came down to the need for personal growth, rather than stupid misunderstandings (something I hate).

Publisher: Carina Press
Rating: 8/10

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