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House of Mystery: Vol 1 Room & Boredom

Sunday, August 16, 2009

House of Mystery: Vol 1 Room & Boredom (2008) Matthew Sturges, Bill Willingham, Luca Rossi

We wandered into a Borders while we were in Denver, and I noticed House of Mystery: Room & Boredom becuase of Bill Willingham’s name across the top. I love Fables, so I’m willing to try anything he has a hand in.

The story starts with Cain and Abel, which immediately brings to mind Sandman. The House of Mystery then immediately draws comparison to the Free House at World’s End, where stories are the only currency accepted.

Although some people can enter the House of Mystery and leave at will, five area trapped in the house and cannot leave.

Enter Fig, who is escaping… well, I’m not quite sure what she’s escaping, but it was enough to take her house down. She then meets up with the other permanent residents of the house, including my favorite, Ann the Pirate Queen.

Like World’s End, Room & Boredom is a collection of stories within a story. Stories of strange worlds and stranger people inhabiting those worlds. The most disturbing story in the collection is that of Hungry Sally. Just… ew.

The remainder of the stories were far less disturbing.

I’m still not sure whether the House of Mystery is the same as the Free House at World’s End. But I suppose I’m not supposed to me. This wasn’t bad for a first volume, and I hope a later volume tells of more of Ann’s past. Did I mention I really like Ann the Pirate Queen?
Rating: 7/10

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