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House of Mystery Vol 2: Love Stories for Dead People

Thursday, August 20, 2009

House of Mystery Vol 2: Love Stories for Dead People (2009) Matthew Sturges, Luca Rossi, Jose Marzan Jr

The story opens with some of Ann’s back story. We still don’t know what brought her to the House of Mystery, but we know some of what shaped her–and that she doesn’t come from our reality.

Ann and Harry decide that with Fig along, it may once again be safe to explore the basement, because that may just be the only way they might escape. Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t go well, and only dredges up memories and worse.

And while Harry is gone, Cressida and the Poet let things get a little wild at the house–wilder at least than we’ve seen with Harry in charge.

And speaking of Harry, although we learn nothing of Harry’s life before he came to the House of Mystery, we learn about his early time there, and how he became the bartender.

It’s still not quite clear how other people can come and go, but Harry, Ann, Cressida, the Poet, and Fig remain trapped, but I suppose we’re not yet to know.

I enjoyed this second volume as much as the first–perhaps even a bit more. We learn bits and pieces about the different occupants of the House of Mystery, and learn whose house it really is (and get a visit from Cain and Goldie) but never learn why Cain’s house ran away from him (so to speak).

As strange and horrific as some of this may be, I am enjoying The House of Mystery, and am looking forward to the next volume, whenever it comes out.
Rating: 7/10

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