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The Omega Objection

Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Omega Objection (2018) G. L. Carriger (San Andreas Shifters)

The Omega ObjectionTank came east with the rest of what eventually eventually came to be the San Andreas Pack. Although he’s big enough to be an enforcer, he’s truly submissive and doesn’t like to fight, even if he does a lot of work as security.

Isaac has been on the run since he was a teenager. He came to San Francisco because there weren’t supposed to be any wold packs there (what with SF being all but a gay capital and wolves being the equivalent of homophobic supernatural trailer trash). But he’s made friends here, and isn’t quite ready to flee when he discovers there is a pack in town.

Even if that pack is very different from every other pack in the country.

They’d special dispensation from the park service to cull the local deer population on full moon. Afterward they always did a spit roast. It was Marvin’s idea to get the community invested in having a pack through food and socialization. (Marvin was a merman with a head for marketing.) At first, just Max’s ex-co-workers from DURPS showed up, which included Gladdy, but once the kitsune spread the word it basically became a thing.

There were a couple of things I especially liked, including the friendships between the various characters.

Judd said, “Look, we all have mistakes in our pasts, even Tank the Paladin.”

Tank slobbered on his foot.

Judd wiped his foot on Tank’s furry stomach and continued.

One thing that did grate on my nerves a bit was just how campy Marvin was. It felt like he was never ever off, even when he was hope, which seemed a bit excessive (even if he did live with the werewolf pack).

On the plus side, the magic and such were much less confusing this time, although there were still a lot of terms that didn’t quite make sense.

So, it was fun (even if there was, again, a lot of boinking).

Rating: 7.5/10

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