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The Duke Who Didn’t

Sunday, December 6, 2020

The Duke Who Didn’t (2020) Courtney Milan (Wedgeford Trials)

The Duke Who DidntSet in England in 1891.

Chloe Fong may have spent time pining, but she is certainly not doing so any longer. She is going to help her father sell his sauce and get back at the men who stole his formula and left him with nothing. She just has to get through the Trials–Wedgeford’s annual festival where she hopes to launch her father’s sauce.

Jeremy Wentworth was never supposed to be a duke. Yet be became at a young age, after his father’s death. His mother may have remained in China, but his aunt fetched him back to England to help him become a good duke–even if society would refuse to accept him as such.

(I)t was easy enough to misdirect. Nobody saw a half-Chinese boy of thirteen and thought, “By George, that child must be a duke.”

I think the absolute best part of this story was the resolution of the hidden identity. Jeremy is so used to how he is perceived by the English society he has been a part of, he assumes all people will see him in that light. I do love the way that worked.

It was a fun read, and I tore through it quickly–even for me.

Rating: 8/10

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