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Eternal Kiss of Darkness

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eternal Kiss of Darkness (2010) Jeaniene Frost

Eternal_Kiss_Darkness-frontI really liked this book. However.


Seriously, her Cat and Bones series has decent covers–good covers even. But this? This makes me want to cringe. Perhaps even rip the cover off and burn it so I don’t ever have to see it again. I mean, SERIOUSLY. That is the FAKEST LOOKING BLOOD EVER. It looks like someone drew it on with nail polish. What on earth did she do to deserve such horrific, vile covers?!

She writes strong female characters with great plots and HOLY CARP knock your socks of boinking scenes, and this? THIS is the cover they give her? No one deserves this cover. But this book ESPECIALLY does not deserve this cover.

Why not a picture of Kira kicking ass? Or even Mencherches kicking ass? Or giving each other smouldering looks? Or something, ANYTHING other than this horrific nail polish fake blood crap.

I have got to stop looking at this cover or my head is going to explode.

So. This cover is a perfect argument for eBooks. Because you should read this book. But you totally shouldn’t be caught in public with that cover.
Rating: 8/10

Published by Avon

ADDENDUM the First:
OK, none of the covers I see online look quite as horrific as the cover I have. I am obviously going to have to scan it, so you can see the full horror.

ADDENDUM the Second:

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